Thursday, October 28, 2010


你說,是自己不夠幸福,還是自己不知足長樂? 每當看到別人夫妻恩愛的照片,總是會羨慕(在看朋友和老公的照片咯)。唉,要怎麼樣我才學會知足?撇開這個不說。。。剛才,我惹兒子哭了。

忘記是怎麼開始,我只記得我在“趕工”,想在10點前做完家務事能看一下電視的十點新聞。所以,催他們刷牙上床睡覺。。然後我們就為了我現在想不起來的事吵了起來。兒子他一直強調我常把死字掛嘴邊。氣死我,忙死我,累死我等,都有用到“死”字嘛。他講我用的過多,死這個字會讓他很傷心。我在“趕工”,但看他哭哭鬧鬧,為了一個字發脾氣,我更氣。我停下了手上的工作,跟他理論,跟他說,“死”這個字不是壞字,只要用對地方就可。他死都不聽 (那!又得用了)。最後,他竟然像大人般說 “enough”,不要在跟我理論了。這個小孩,語氣常常都和大人一樣。吵架時,我还miss了一個call。我們停後,他还說“mummy,go and check your missed call”。你說像不像大人。



Friday, October 1, 2010

We once agree to go HK disney, for the sake of our little girl. She is still little when we are there 3 yrs ago and not into princess yet. Now that she is into princess, I hope to bring her there again...

We are planning to go with sister in law, but year end, prices are high so in the end we are now going Sabah, because all of us wanted to bring our mil for a tour and she wanted Sabah. I told dh we will go next year, and keep a look out for promotions. And since it is only us (sil no longer want to go), I told dh we should just chk out last minute offer and just go if offer is good.

Came across Cathay Pacific newsletter a few days ago and highlighted to him there are promotions going on to Hong Kong. He is washing the dishes, and just muttered some sounds and that is it .. no proper answer, but yet I dare not approach the subject again.

Jetstar also has promo, flying one way to NZ costing like 300SG, and I told him while he is using his iphone... the answer is also rather blurred, something like don't know free or not, and I dare not approach the subject again ..

I thought we agree that I will look out for offers, and we can plan one tour. Yes, we have the Sabah one, but I wanted one that only has us 4. sigh ....