Saturday, May 8, 2010


Its going to be three months since I last post. Actually, I have been wanting to let go my feelings, frustrations, whatever whatever here for a couple of times before now, but just did not get to do it, cos I have two friends sharing the bad times with me.

Why did I come now? Cos I miss the time when me and husband were dating. I am seeing pictures of my niece and her bf ... so loving. Before that, one of my good friend had her birthday surprise from her hubby, so I envy lah. I asked my dh last night, will our relationship goes into plain water stage. He actually replied "no". However, deep in my heart, I feel it is almost there.

My sister in law told me that she read it somewhere, that hugging daily with hubby will actually improves the couple's relationship and they have been doing it. I did tell my dh that, but I cannot remember the response he gave me. Anyway, we did not carry it out. Sometimes, I think we both do not even exchange more than 10 sentences a day. I guess most people will think it is alright hor, since man goes to the office and not at home most of the time.

I don't know. Sometimes I feel that I owe him alot. He has to work to pay for all the bills, and he has to be the driver all the time, and he has to buy this housewife a laptop where she just use it for silly purposes etc. On the other hand, sometimes I feel that I do not owe him alot, cos I work later than him, I have less ME time and I have to sacrifice my sleep sometimes to get ME time (on the pc only). Don't know, very contradicting.

Deep down, I wish we can be a little more loving. Sitting closer when watching TV, sleeping closer on the bed, doing housework together. How do you feel when you see a couple, each taking an end of a 3 seater? or each taking an end of a King size bed?