Wednesday, February 25, 2009


夜深了。老公不在。想他。看港片,有classical music,觉得非常好听,不知是谁的音乐。
我想我不怎么会做我老公的好太太, 因为我是个大懒虫,又不会煮,又不会做家务,又帮不上他在工作上的事。我,还有很多缺点,但我觉得,我很爱他。可惜这份爱,不论多大,多深,都不能弥补我的过失和缺点。老公,我给的爱足够了吗? 唉,我想做小女人,有人照顾,疼爱。

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


今天又有人跟我说,儿子是应该顽皮一点的! 她已是第二个了. 正巧她和先前那位的两个孙子都相当调皮, 调皮程度不得到我的认同. 有一次,当她在骂她孙子时,那孙子向她吐口水! 她也不纠正孙子. 难道这就叫"应该顽皮一点"吗?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Am I lazy ?

In the day time, its just me and the kids ... to be health concious .. its usually steam dishes when they are very young .. even veges are steamed .. like broccoli, long beans .. no complains.

Now that they are older .. they have tasted the savoury stir fried vege dishes .. steam veges are always rejected .. but I still do steam dishes .. I just steam rice, steam fishes like salmon, cod .. and have to do a stir fry vege dish .. these dishes usually do not take alot of time, so I have a little more buffer to do other stuff ..

like today .. its just steam cod and cucumber stirfry with egg .. simple and not alot of time required .. so I can steal 15 minutes on the PC, did some laundry and even a 20 minutes bicycle ride for my girl ..

Am I lazy to just do simple dishes for the kids? But i get more time if I do so this way ... I am now thinking abt buying a steamer .. so that I do not need to watch the fire ...