Monday, March 2, 2009

I am very angry, very mess up inside. Am I pushing my boy too much, am i too strict?

I have finished ironing at ard 330 .. i rest for a while and wanted to look through his homework .. i purposely wait till he finish his 15 minutes keyboard playing (not really practicing his yamaha music somemore!). Finally saw him wandering ard the house so I ask him to sit down with me, but he keep asking me to bring him down for cycling, for playground, for bubbles and when I teach him how to add two numbers , he is not focusing.

My throat hurts from scolding him the whole day today. He has been to my mother's place liao, and has played ice there, why is he keep thinking abt playing. He did played with his lego toys when he got back from my mother's house too .. the whole afternoon today, he only did half an hour of worksheet. The rest is spend on watching TV, playing his toys, and alot of time I am scolding him but I guess he wasn't listening much.

I am not sure am i too strict on him, but I think base on his character , i need to be stricter to set the pace. If given too much leeway he ask for more the next time.

Very sad and angry! Now time to fetch the girl.


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