Monday, August 4, 2008

leaving baby at home or using a stroller

Read an article yesterday on papers. Its roughly about
complains that parents with strollers are generally
inconveniencing others. Some mentioned that the parents did
not fold their strollers in a crowded train, using the strollers to
push their ways through crowds, hurt the person's leg infront
of the stroller ... etc. One even commented
that "baby should be left at home".

Am quite sad to see these comments. I am a mother myself
but I seldom use the stroller since it is really inconvenient to
use. Its quite heavy to support the stroller with the baby
while on the escalator, and it is definitely troublesome when
met with staircases.

Anyway there could be many reasons why there are cases of
strollers not folded in a crowded train. It could be that the
mother has her hands full .. imagine having to carry the baby,
managing a big bag of baby related stuff, then trying to fold
the stroller? 

Similarly there could also be many reasons why the stroller
knocked into your heels. It could be that the walker has slowed
down the speed of walking? So usually when I use the stroller,
I keep my distance away from the person infront. Would I then
be called "road hog" ?

Would any mother risk her baby in the stroller and use the
stroller to push her way through the crowd? unless the baby
is not inside the stroller.

Leaving baby at home ? Perhaps the mother has no choice,
with no one to help her look after the baby and she has to run
errands ... how can she leave the baby at home then?

I think one really has to go through the stage before one can
understand what's going on at that stage.


bACk in GERMANY said...

Maybe people who made the comments are without kids!

sherlyn said...

hmm I think so too. They wouldnt understand de hor. :-)

densar said...

I think it is a natural reaction for most of us to give way to strollers. And sadly, there are people who made use of such mentality to get their way through. Who's to blame?