Monday, August 25, 2008

Am I that bad?

Realise I did not have much friends in facebook. OK, I really
seldom use facebook anyway, but .... I realise, alot of my
ex-colleagues are friends with each other but not me ...

Not sure what's wrong with me .. I did not back stab them,
nor did I bad mouth abt them ... nor did I ...

Anyway my character is such, if I know I am not being regarded
as friend, then I shall not go disturb them. I am still hoping
to have gatherings with them .. I shall not hope for that from
now on.


densar said...

I find that the older you get, the lesser friends you have. Agree? Anyway, many friends need not mean you can rely on all. Know what I mean? One is enough.

Btw, can you take the word verification out? Its irritating la. :P

sherlyn said...

hmm .. I think must agree leh, esp after staying at home. You are also very right that many friends also need not mean I can rely on them. Its still better to have a few good ones.

Sorry abt the word verfication (taken out now). I did not know it is an option I can modify since my previous blog didn't have. I very lazy, typically start one to "release stress ".