Monday, September 1, 2008

House keeping

Making space for kids' stuff, so trying to dispose the old
magazines. They are my treasures leh, but got to go lah, else
I really have no more place to put the books that I just took
over from hubby's cousin.

Those are home and decor magazines .. some of them are
almost 10 years old (dated 1999!) so can you see what a
person I am? After this lot, I have to clear my magazines
that I bought from HK. Those are fashion magazines, so
definitely useless now, but I kept them cos I bought those on
my first trip to Hong Kong and Hong Kong is one of my
favourite country.

I think I really have to do more frequent housekeeping, else
I will end up like my mother, a whole room of junks
(or treasures, depending on how I see it).


bACk in GERMANY said...

I like the word play on the your blog title... nice! :)

sherlyn said...

Thank you for dropping by. This blog really going to be a place where I throw all the stress and complaints to (esp when there is no one to listen) keke

bACk in GERMANY said...

I'm listening... and if I do attempt to give advice (which is something I really suck at)... please take many many pinches of salt to go with them! Haha... my disclaimer!

sherlyn said...

Don't worry, from the past experience (reading your advices to others), your advices are all very good, but the problem is, I am a very forgetful person, so listen liao may not follow, esp sometimes I may not understand what other trying to say.

I am very happy to have a listener. Hope you will not be affected by my poor english and grouses (right word? but I know you know what I mean :) )