Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Started with hubby, then the boy got it, then me.
Whenever hubby get sick and it spreads, he will blame himself.
Who wants to spread germs right? But as a parent, there is
nothing much you can do, cos you still got to stay in the same
house, accept different rooms.

Sigh, my boy, fever 6 days, now only recovering. Seen doctor
twice, got 4 days MC in total. Me still flu-ing away too ..

Quite proud of myself. Whenever family members get ill,
they tend to sleep more but me? I still got to run the
household, from daily laundry to meals. Can you imagine,
when I told my mother that I may buy dinner from outside
on the day I had fever, she asked me "You sick till you cant
cook?". *sigh* So, my kids get simple home cook dishes.
I did get a 45minutes nap on the first day of fever, but I
wake up regularly to monitor my boy's fever leh.

Anyway  I seldom fall sick, and actually nothing to proud of
since what I did are the normal SAHM duties which all SAHM
are capable or better than I am.

Sometimes I wonder, if I am too sick to cook, who would then
cook for my kids who are sick too (and shd avoid outside food) ...


bACk in GERMANY said...

Hey Sher,
don't let others lay a guilt trip on you. There's also less oily "outside" food, e.g. porridge or bee hoon soup.
Remember... the Chinese saying that goes something like "Resting is for those who want to cover an even longer distance."

sherlyn said...

keke .. totally agree. I did rest one morning and thus i did recover sooner than I wish (cos when i m sick, i can still "work" abit).

My kids, very fussy about food. They only take chicken rice and fishball noodles outside, or perhaps those mix vege rice .. so sometimes I rather cook myself the fishball noodles since they are fine with my bland fishball noodles.

so when are you coming back?

densar said...

Like your last sentence..Get your husband to cook. Cant? Then tabao. Once or twice is alright. Dont be too hard on yourself. Ok?

sherlyn said...

Hi Sarah .. so long no hear from you in the forum ...

*sigh* can get dh to cook, but its my 自卑心作祟, thinking that I should not "trouble" him when I am the SAHM lor .. anyway think he will be willing to help if i ask, or if he is lazy, he sure will say "tabao" .. pity is that time kids and dh also sick so must avoid outside food ..

Thank you so much for your concern. How have you been too?