Wednesday, October 15, 2008

enjoying life ?

Me ? Not really. But I have a friend telling me how she would
like to enjoy life like me. However, I did not know I have a life
that I can enjoy leh (ok, I do occassionally) .

I wake up early like every working adult does, except I do
manual jobs instead of sitting infront of the PC (on a cushioned
chair) in an air con environment. What manual jobs? Imagine
the cleaning lady that drops by your office, the cleaning
lady in the laundry shop, the chef in the hawker centre, the
teacher in the childcare etc. I think I hardly sit down accept
the 30 minutes per meal time (making sure  my kids eat) and
the time I spent infront of my PC (on cushioned chair, luckily)
which is usually at night after the kids sleep.

I am not complaining. I have to be in this job, cos I really
don't like to compete and "fight" in the working world. I
am not very competent, so I guess I am better off as a
SAHM where I do not need to compete with anyone.
Anyway, I guess competition do exist in SAHM world, if
I want to 钻牛角尖。 I have to ask myself, how come other
SAHM can manage the household so well alone, homeschool
their kids, cook nice delicious meals, etc etc ... while me ....

Aiya, I think I have to 认命. 我就是不比人家好啦。But I guess
I should try to improve on it soon ... to be on the positive side.

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