Monday, October 13, 2008

stupid mood

Its late, 220am, but its the usual time I sleep almost daily.
Tired but moody... has been almost 2 weeks. I thot it will come
and go as my "大姨妈” is round the corner earlier on, but now
that it has come and gone, I am still moody. I don't know what's
wrong but this is the place where I can talk to myself since
my friends are mostly not free now.

very 烦 leh. The meals are badly prepared, all cos I am moody.
When I am not in good mood, I am not in the mood to do
anything, so everything from meals to the housework are not
done in proper. Fed up. Have not been touching my baking and
beading too. Could it be early menopause?

Hope my mood will change for the better soon.

Now I think I shd go sleep, else I will have to drown
myself with coffee again.

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