Tuesday, August 31, 2010










最讓我難過的是,外公會批評我媽媽沒讀書,沒知識,沒錢 等。。。她是最大的,以前家裡窮,她應該是幫忙家裡,才沒去念書。。。這又怪得了她?


ky said...

Hear already very sad ... don't know what to say except that perhaps, if u r close to your aunties n cousins, is it possible to discuss possible to hire a maid? At least there's someone to do the cleaning up while ur mother can attend to your grandma and someone who is strong enough to carry your grandma if needs. Ur mum will object but all the reasoning that what if something happens to the 2 old folks, how?

sherlyn said...

We only gathers when it is grannies' bday and CNY but with me going into msia, I m missing all the CNY's meet up... can say close still but all are busy with own life.

Just recently I asked two of my cousins, why are we not having meetup like other friends' relatives, and they both give the same answer, busy lor.

The two old folks do not want a maid, so no way lor. The siblings are ok to get outside help de. Granddad stubborn.

I did ask my mother how come she did not talk to her sisters, but there is no chance for her to say since grandpa is always there. Also my aunt give the same answer as "just do as he says lah, he also nagged at me .." but for my mum, it is the whole day, so perhaps it is quite unbearable.

I just feel that , not no one cares, but everyone is too busy to put in effort to find solution. One of the eldest cousin just had a miscarriage during the last term of her pregnancy .. otherwise I may try call for a meeting with all the eldest cousin of all the different households. The other eldest just change new job, very busy.

haiz .. just dont know what to say or do too ... just drag and see how lor...

April said...

I can't imagine whole day kena nagged. I kena nagged for 1 second I already cannot tahan. But I thot ur mum is working too?

sherlyn said...

hehe, dun think anyone can stand nagging ...

ya she is working, night shift weekends mah, so go there daily when she has no work...