Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mutual support

Dh will be touching down SG in 3 hours time. In this new job, he travels alot .. recently he has been out alternate weeks ...

Last night, he called back .. considered routine call .... he sighs quite a bit .. he hopes he does not need to travel that much .. cos his local work is piling up .. you see, when he travels, he has to handle the stuff in that country, plus there are work in local country to be done too ...

Somehow, I feel very sad .. pity him a little, cos he is the only person working to support the family of four. I am not a big spender .. all the more so when I am only a stay at home mother, who doesn't need working clothes, working shoes, working bags, cosmetic etc .. and I do not go facial, hair salon etc too. Money is not really an issue yet, but somehow he wants to have a better life for the kids so he is working hard for their future. It is like he feels like resting, but cannot rest.

I see alot of supportive husbands around me .. some goes to school to pick kids up with the wives, some brings the kids out every weekend etc .. not that my husband is not supportive .. he is, totally, but sometimes he cannot be around .. sometimes he is too busy and tired ... so I commented in FB and glad (oops) that there are alot of other busy husbands around. However, I love it that one of my friend commented, that we can, on the other hand, be supportive to them.

I don't know how to help him get out of this "extremely" busy life. He is basically a very family oriented man, but cos of this busy job, he cannot devote more time to the family. He often feels stress , very stress, till he aches all over. What can I do ?????

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