Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today, sent a few sms to my hubby. Usually I am always afraid that I will burst the quota given, but this month I am far from that. Sometimes I sent him messages abt what my girl says which is rather hilarious, or little complains here and there. Today, our sms exchanges are abt two issue, 1) me not cooking and eating out, if he is ok, where and when to meet; 2) picking up a cookware set that I am given by participating in the 3M survey. I cannot count how many we have exchange cos lazy to get up to the phone at it's charging "station", but it is not really alot. One of the message towards the end read something like "Do not reply. Don't waste your sms".

It is a simple sentence, but perhaps of emo monster, I read more into it... I feel that I am asked to keep quiet. Anyway , ya I did.

His new job is so busy, that his mind is still on job when he is at home. He is usually tired and sleeps/doze easily. On other hand, I try to get what i want to get across at every possible moment, like when he stopped at traffic lights, when he is eating meals, other than these times, I feel that I am disturbing him. I ever wonder to myself, do we ever speak more than 10 sentences a day.

We originally wanted to go HK disney, but because of the high price, we intend to postpone to next year. I did mentioned to him that if he is serious, then I can always keep a lookout of offers.. and he say ok.

Recentky, Cathay has promotions. I told him while he is washing the dishes. He listens but did not say anythg after that. Just now I told him jetstar has promo to NZ... and he say, where got time to go, kids must ... I said the travel date can be somewhere next year, then nothing from him again after I stopped. Will we ever get to travel on our own?

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